Saturday, July 15, 2017


Is AWESOME......  We just got Back! from a week of Camping.  Pictures to follow when I get them downloaded.

Friday, June 30, 2017

 A New Smoker

 We all went in on a New Traeger Smoker for Fathers Day.

 Our first try in the Smoker was Chicken,  we did 2,  one with just Olive Oil, stuffed with orange slices and celery, and one with a Southwestern Rub.

 And of course a Few Veggies.

 They all fit in the smoker, including some squash and some garlic bread.

 It only took about an hour and a half, and they both came out looking yummy!

The Olive Oil one was just a little bit moister, but they both tasted awesome!  There was enough left over to freeze some and to have a couple more times.  I think we will try ribs next!  Yum!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Tarnished Silver
 My Great Grandmother gave me this silverware for my wedding, over 36 years ago.  I put them in a box because I didn't want to lose or damage them.  I came across them a few weeks ago and decided to polish them.  I used a silver cream.  

 The ones on the left are the polished ones,  the right the tarnished ones.  it took about an hour to do one set.  Only 7 more sets to go! oh and a bunch of serving spoons and pie server and about 8 soup spoons.
They look so nice when they are done,  I need to find a silverware box to put them in, so they won't tarnish,  or maybe I just need to start using them.  The Awesome thing about my great-grandmother (Oma) is that she lived to be 103.  

Friday, June 16, 2017

Back to Marysvale

 I must say, Marysvale in the Spring is a lot different than the Fall.

 Everything is Green,  and there is water running down every Hill and Mountain.

 The Best part is Hanging out with Family.  We had Dinner every night all together.

 And of course you can't go to Marysvale and not do the Piute Trail.

 Butch, Margie, & Murry.

 Butch, Me, & Murry,  Up by Manning Meadow Lake.

 The Scenery on the Rides were absolutely Beautiful.
We stopped for Lunch and of course Erin has to take a look at the water!
Was A lot of Fun camping in Marysvale with Family.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Erin's Hat
We received this Hat at the Banquet in San Antonio,  needless to say Erin LOVES it!  Every time she puts it on she starts to giggle.  Getting it home was a bit tricky but we did it.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Yummy Food in San Antonio
 I'm not much of a "foodie"  but we ate at some fun places while we were in Texas.  The Smoke Shack was Awesome.

 We had pulled pork and potatoe Salad, it comes on a 1/4 size cookie sheet.

 Erin had chicken strips and mac-n-cheese with creamed corn,  she loved the mac-n-cheese it had bits of pulled pork in it.

 We also ate at Moses Roses ( I hope I'm saying that right) It's a Bar and Grill in downtown San Antonio around the corner from the Alamo.  The hamburgers were huge.

 On the Ceiling in Moses Roses they had these beautiful plaster tiles,  the picture doesn't do it justice because it was awesome to see a whole ceiling covered in these tiles.

 And of course the Banquet that APPA put on was great,  the whole table was covered in plates,  it was funny because they had like 3 forks and 2 spoons and 2 knives. The Dessert was soooo yummy!

And of course everywhere you went there was a Whataburger, they even had a Whataburger University.  
Always Fun to eat at different places.
The funny thing is we thought we would order room service our last day to make things easier,  but when we found out that 3 plates of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast was $83.00 😮  We went to Mcdonalds and spent $11.80 and Mcdonalds had pancakes!!😆

Friday, May 19, 2017

More San Antonio

 After Bruces Conference sessions we made it over to the Zoo

 It was an Awesome Zoo.

 Here is Erin Waiting to get on the boat for the River Cruise,  they were very accommodating about letting one of us sit by her in her transport chair.

 The River Cruise was beautiful they tell you about most of the history of San Antonio 

 The Alamo was Awesome!  They have 3 tours, you can have a guide,  or use a phone at each station or self guided.

 We chose self guided because we weren't sure how well Erin would do in a group. 

 The "Tower of the Americas" was right across the street from the Hotel , they built it for the Worlds Fair in 1968,  you can ride an elevator to the top and the top rotates it also has a restaurant that is very pricey.

We finally found the Temple, it was further North from San Antonio, up on a hill surrounded by trees,  we were there on a Monday so the grounds were closed.

Was An Incredible trip, Just loved Texas and all the nice people!